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Small to medium parrot perch that can be used on a table, desk or as a handle. A great tool for biting birds as you can use it to move the biter around. Made of plastic, it is lightweight and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. The percher can be easily disassembled is configurable in many ways as shown on the images. Dimensions will vary according to how you decide to use it.

Width of perch: 6" (15 cm).
Width of cone: 8" (20 cm).
Height: Varies according to configuration.





:  $25.95
  •  Lovebirds, budgies, parrotlets
  •  Small conures (green cheeks), cockatiels
  •  Quakers, Senegals, Ring necks, Small macaws, large Conures (Sun, jenday)
  •  Medium macaws, Amazons, goffins, Pionus, African greys
  •  Large Macaws and large cacatoos
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