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A hike to hide, what's better for your little rodent! This tee-pee is made by hand with dry natural herbs.

It is safe, can be chewed, provides a good source of fiber and a place to forage.


Small: 4'' x 5'' (10 cm x 13 cm) mice, hamster, gerbil.

Large: 11'' x 10'' ( 28 cm x 26 cm) small rabbits, guinea pig, ferret and other small animals.

Size: Small $6.95
Large $17.95
  •  Lovebirds, budgies, parrotlets
  •  Small conures (green cheeks), cockatiels
  •  Quakers, Senegals, Ring necks, Small macaws, large Conures (Sun, jenday)
  •  Medium macaws, Amazons, goffins, Pionus, African greys
  •  Large Macaws and large cacatoos
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