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A tower with a hole on the top where you can introduce a treat (nut, Nutriberries or another treat). The tower being transparent, your bird will be able to see the contents but will not be able to reach it until it has opened all the doors. A superb toy which allows a good interaction with your bird. Start initially with only one door, then increase the difficulty as your bird progresses.

Size small: 6" (15")

Size large: 12" (30")


Size: Small $17.95
Large $32.95
  •  Lovebirds, budgies, parrotlets
  •  Small conures (green cheeks), cockatiels
  •  Quakers, Senegals, Ring necks, Small macaws, large Conures (Sun, jenday)
  •  Medium macaws, Amazons, goffins, Pionus, African greys
  •  Large Macaws and large cacatoos
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