Cotton rope 1

100% cotton rope, NOT a mix of 100% cotton and dangerous synthetic fibers. You can use it to manufacture your own toys or to repair already destroyed toys.

Sold by continuous lenght of 30 centimeters or 1 foot. Order 3 and get 3 foot string.

Size: 1/4 $0.40
3/8 $0.70
1/2 $1.00
  •  Lovebirds, budgies, parrotlets
  •  Small conures (green cheeks), cockatiels
  •  Quakers, Senegals, Ring necks, Small macaws, large Conures (Sun, jenday)
  •  Medium macaws, Amazons, goffins, Pionus, African greys
  •  Large Macaws and large cacatoos
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