Golden feast California blend 1Golden feast California blend 2This product qualifies for shipping rebates.

Mix of nuts, seedes, fruits and veggies.

Ingredients: Large Dark Gray Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Virginia Peanuts in Shell, Roasted Shelled Peanuts, Safflower Seed, Papaya, Roasted Corn, Roasted Almonds, Low Heat Chili Peppers, Sterile Hemp Seed, Pineapple, Roasted Cashews, Raw Shelled Brazil Nuts, Granola (made with Rolled Oats, Rolled Wheat, Brown Sugar, Canola Oil, Non-Sulfured (Natural) Coconut, Whey, Oat Flour, Roasted Almonds and Honey), Carrots, Roasted Pistachios in Shell (Unsalted), Pecans in Shell, Pepitas (Shelled Pumpkin Seed), Assorted Cooked and Dehydrated Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Peppers, Filberts, Kiwi, Pine Nuts, Shelled Walnuts, Organic Wheat and Shelled (Raw) Macadamia Nuts. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein (min.) 15%; crude fat (min.) 8%; crude fiber (max.) 11%; moisture (max.) 4%; ash (max.) 9%


Size: 23 oz (652 g) $15.95
55 oz (1559 g) $34.95
  •  Lovebirds, budgies, parrotlets
  •  Small conures (green cheeks), cockatiels
  •  Quakers, Senegals, Ring necks, Small macaws, large Conures (Sun, jenday)
  •  Medium macaws, Amazons, goffins, Pionus, African greys
  •  Large Macaws and large cacatoos
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